Mittwoch, 1. April 2015

the wedding dress

Hello my dear followers,
today I´d like to share with you some photos of a dress I made nearly one year ago - my wedding dress.
I know, the bride shouldn´t make the dress herself, but you know I had that special picture in my mind on how the dress should feel and fall and that it should be a victorian dress but not exactly the cut and details. Normally those things appear during the sewing process. That´s what I learned through all the dresses I made so far. That´s why I didn´t choose to buy a dress, nor to have it done by a seamstress. And I´m really glad with that decision. Sure it was a pain in the a.. to sew a dress while preparing and organizing all the other things for a wedding but I´m sure, I´d do it again the same way I did.

But set aside the long talk. I´m sure you want to see pictures. And here they are:
All photos were taken by the sweet and very talented Susann Hehnen from apicco frotografie & design

  these pleats took me forever but I looooooove them

supplies: ~10m ivory tafeta, ~15m ivory tulle, 2m taupe tafeta, 1m lace, ~20m ivory cotton, 1m white silk for the corset, boning, brooch, lots of cord for lacing the corset and bodice

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Stephanie Berger hat gesagt…

hach hast du bezaubernd ausgesehen...
meinen herzlichsten Glückwunsch euch beiden....

LG Steffi (die sich jetzt mal durch deinen neuen Blog wühlen muss....)