Mittwoch, 8. April 2015

it´s time for an 18th century dress

With the upcoming WGT in mind, it´s time to think about a new dress - yay!
At the moment I´m not quite sure, about the style. The only thing I know for sure is that it´ll be a deep midnight blue which goes perfectly with my ginger red hair. Stay tuned for more infos and detailed photos of the process.

Meanwhile I´m showing an older dresss, that I made for last years German Vampire Ball. As base I used the pattern for a 1770-80 polonaise gown you cand find in Janet Arnold´s Patterns of Fashion I.

I simply love how versatile this pattern is even when not worn in polonaise style but with the back left straight. The first dress I made with this pattern was done two years ago, to be worn at a victorian picknick which became a part of WGT. The richly stitched fabric in a soft ivory color was perfect for such an occasion. But this time I wanted it to be a bold black with lots of tulle.

 the pretty little bow behind the brooch as well as the sash were made of a beautiful two-tone tafeta (black/ deep emerald green)

Underneath the dress I wore my18th century stays and two petticoats.

all photos were taken by the fabulous and super talented Lilif Ilane.
Please make sure to visit her on facebook and enjoy all of her incredible artwork.

And now I´m off to work on some mixed media stuff, again.


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