Freitag, 15. Mai 2015

busy bee

So it´s been a while since my last blog entry but there are so many things that kept me busy during the last couple of weeks. With our 1st wedding anniversary and WGT just around the corner I suppose there won´t be any entry for the next two weeks, either. I´m sorry for that but to give you an impression that I´m still productive and creative I decided to show some work-in-progress pics of what I´m currently working on.

#1 Victor & Victoria drawing

#2  head piece for victorian picnic

#3 Mixed Media Painting with lots of Marabu Mixed Media goodies

#4 some more pencil on wood drawings

#5  "Zengirl" drawing - experimenting with zentangle & watercolors

#6  enjoying spring and spending time in my garden

More Pictures of the finished pieces and of course from WGT will be coming soon. If you are interested in more work in progress stuff and want to be up-to-date what´s going on in my life you can always follow me on instagram.



Stephanie Berger hat gesagt…

oh man deine Zeichnungen - nein deine Kunstwerke sind der Hammer....
wunder- wunderschick

Frollein Rabenschwarz hat gesagt…

Ganz lieben Dank *erröt*